Top 5 Tasmanian Lodgings

Full of history, culture and art, Tasmania is a gorgeous destination for luxury escape. Surrounded by the stunning Tasmanian landscape, these resorts are located among pink granite mountain ranges, Situated in indigenous bushland, beside seas, as well as upon arctic lakes. They’re former mansions, prestigious estates, and World Heritage sites. However, with so many amazing alternatives, picking out the ideal place to stay may look to be a challenge. Happily, we are here to help. Here are the very best luxury hotels in Tasmania which you have to see today.  

  1. Picnic Island, Coles Bay

Whisk your loved one to a private island escape in the exclusive Picnic Island in Tasmania. Located in Freycinet National Park, this luxury lodging celebrates the nation’s natural beauty. With waves lapping at the boardwalk to your own room as well as the stunning pink granite Hazards mountain array in the background. Picnic Island will take your breath away. Watch for seals and dolphins and as the sun sets, watch the unbelievable sight of penguins flocking to the beaches. Throughout the entire year, there’s an assortment of unique activities on the island. If participating in a luxury holiday and a cooking or yoga escape is on your own bucket list, Picnic Island is awaiting.   

  1. The Islington, Hobart

If you like history, art, and luxurious, then you’ll love the Islington. Built in 1847, this stately house has become an eclectic, eleven room accommodation. As a consequence of its foundation, it is therefore called a charming “home away from home” The resort features both contemporary art and historical antiques for a beautiful mix. Through this blend of contemporary history and modern attributes, every area becomes a work of art. While there, investigate the sprawling gardens, which offer perspectives of Mt. Wellington. Or relax with a glass of wine in the resort’s extensive basement in one of the gorgeous common areas. Reserve this boutique resort with Mr & Mrs Smith to find the best available prices, cash back with each booking. 

  1. Saltwater Sunrise, Falmouth

Located amongst the beautiful Bay of Fires, Wineglass Bay and Freycinet National Park, Saltwater Sunrise is a must-see destination to experience Tasmania’s beauty. Enjoy a romantic getaway with your loved one or experience a relaxing escape with friends. Couples’ luxury villas deliver personal sanctuaries with magnificent views of the Pacific Ocean. If day spas would be the epitome of luxury, there are villas available with private spas and saunas. Last, the Super King Villa, that sits 100 metres over the Pacific Ocean, provides three bedrooms and 2 baths for teams looking for an ideal escape. While there, investigate the white shores and flaming orange granite hills of the Bay of Fires. After that, have a stroll through 5km of Tasmanian rainforest into the stunning St Columba waterfall. 

  1. Pumphouse Point, Lake St Clair

In Pumphouse Point, guests have an assortment of luxury room choices. The magnificent retreat contains three buildings which each provide a different, exceptional encounter. First, there’s the Shorehouse. Located by the lake, this traditional art-deco building includes rooms with pond or bushland views. Following that, there’s the Pumphouse, sitting on a stunning glacial lake. About 250m away from the coastline, there are numerous lounges, guest rooms, plus a help-yourself pub. Every one of those Pumphouse spaces includes views throughout the lake and out to the hills. In the end, there’s the Retreat. It includes locally crafted furniture and access to the common table Shorehouse dining area. Throughout your stay, adopt experience going for a row on the lake, bicycle through the hills or go for a hike through the bush.  

  1. MACq 01, Hobart

If a waterfront hotel is ideal, by occupying Hobart’s most historical wharf, MACq 01 can present its guests with one of the greatest viewpoints in Tasmania — a massive arc of the river and waterfront and mountain views that vary by the hour. Nearby Constitution Dock is busy with fishing boats, pleasure craft and vacationers. Walk a little further and you’ll discover Salamanca Place, Franklin Square, St David’s Park and Battery Point. 

How to Revive Skin Before and After Travelling

Summertime is travel time due to perfect weather conditions. Just imagine, explore new places, tasting new foods and soaking up the sun! While it is fun and enjoyable, it can also expose our skin to harsh elements like heat, dirt, and pollution. It could cause sunburn, breakouts and various beauty problems. Good thing that there is a solution for every problem as given to us by a skin doctor. Regardless where you might want to spend your summer, be prepared with our quick fixes to remedy any beauty woes that come along the way.

Here are the common skin dilemmas women usually face before and after travelling:


Soaking up the sun to get the perfect tan could lead to unfavourable consequences. It may leave you flushed or burnt to a crisp! Be careful not to overdo it.


Airplane cabins are not ideal for the skin. The skin goes dry due to a deficient oxygen supply, causing the skin to overcompensate for dryness by producing excess oil and causing breakouts.


Glowing and healthy looking skin is hot but the greasy-looking skin is not!
Long days under summer sun causes sweat and excess oil production, which often leaves us looking a little more ‘slick’ than we’d like.

Greasy Hair

New city, new views. Sounds pretty exciting! But not for your hair if it can’t adapt to the new water. It could leave you with greasy, lifeless locks that need reviving.

Flaky, Dry Skin

Aside from oily skin, flying can really have bad effects on our skin. A lack of cabin moisture can leave our skin feeling (and looking) parched.

Puffy, Red Eyes

One part of our summer adventure that we don’t look forward to is jetlag. Sleepless nights can be very draining, leaving us not only feeling, but looking exhausted.

The mentioned skin issues may sound terrible, but don’t let it discourage you from enjoying your summer. We got you covered. Just follow our skin care tips and advice from top skin care specialists and your skin issues will be a thing of the past when you travel.

Keep up your skincare regimen in the air

Be prepared with short-haul and a long-haul plan for your skin whenever you travel. Regardless how far your destination is, always remember to apply sunscreen when flying during the day, especially when sitting in a window seat. UV exposure is much greater at higher altitudes.

Take off your make-up

If you are on the air for more than 6 hours, be prepared to cleanse your skin to remove any make-up and lather it with serums and hydration. Layering an antioxidant serum to protect your skin from free-radical damage, underneath a heavyweight moisturiser is a good practice.

Wake up your face

You can maintain hydration in the air while being cooped up in an air-plane cabin by spritzing your face with a hydrating mist every couple of hours. It’s also incredibly refreshing in hot humid conditions.

Apply a face mask

Masks are not only nutrient-rich, they are also great skin-boosting treatments. Hydrating cream masks that can be applied like a moisturiser are really recommendable when flying. They are easy to apply, not noticeable and works just as well as sheet masks or gel masks. They are also instantly hydrating – your fellow passengers will be none the wiser. Face masks are great instant facials without the hassle.

Up the ante with your moisturiser

For air travel, it is essential to choose a long-lasting and more occlusive moisturizer that could also prevent moisture loss. The skin is protected from drying out and traps valuable moisture once the barrier is in place.

Layer your serums

An antioxidant serum is indispensable. It protects your skin from free-radical damage together with a hydrating serum. These can be layered under, or mixed in with, your moisturiser to boost hydration levels and keep your skin soft, elastic and plump.

Skip the Champagne

Freebies like champagne and chips may be tempting but keep in mind that they are not worth it. Swap the alcohol for still water and herbal tea and avoid salty and processed foods. And try to get some rest. Compression stockings are very helpful if you’re prone to fluid retention – there’s nothing worse than cankles on arrival!

Cleanse again before landing
Before arriving at your destination, remove all the masks and balms off your face. Wear a fresh look by reapplying a hydrating serum with a lightweight tinted moisturiser, mascara and a dab of lip balm and eye balm.

Adjust to the climate

For warmer climates, choose a gel or AHA cleanser over your regular your milk or oil cleanser. Switch to lightweight lotions and gels and ensure you’re wearing adequate sun protection. For colder climates, use thicker, more nourishing creams and use restorative face oil instead of your active retinol and AHA serums. Apply body oil underneath your body cream and try using a humidifier to replace the moisture in the air and counteract the effects of dry air from heating and air-conditioning.

Rest up and eat up

Travel can be exhausting and with the change in time zones, you can miss out on much-needed rest. This can take its toll on your body. Remember that sleep is vital to your body’s restoration cycle: it’s when your skin and body repair and rejuvenate. Invest in a good-quality sleep mask and earplugs and avoid drinking coffee before travelling to ensure a better sleep. Food and what you eat is also important, we sometimes tend to over-indulge when we travel so don’t forget to eat some healthy fresh food and wholesome take-home meals instead of fast food.

The Benefits of Business Travel

For many, business travel is a huge job advantage, for many others it is a job. But just like anything else, it is all about perspective. When done correctly, business travel may have many advantages. Obviously, you will need to coordinate your personality and situation to a high-travel job such as a business computer support company. If you are a single parent who is also attending college part time, business travel likely is not for you.

However, what if it is? Below are a few reason why it may be great.

  1. Appreciating everything a new location offers

If you are a foodie, this implies staking out the top restaurants, food carts and gap in the wall diners across the country or the world. If you are a history buff, it signifies unlimited museums and historic sites. Be certain that you schedule room in the itinerary to get some R&R, then optimize it.

  1. Incredible miles

Oftentimes, you could have the ability to earn private miles even when you’re traveling to the organization’s dime. As a regular traveller, additionally look into pre-check or alternative choices for dashing through security lines. That will ease any anxiety and make the entire experience a lot easier and better.

  1. Easier transition to telecommuting

If you are able to prove to your boss that you are successful even while vacationing, you are more likely to procure a telecommuting or digital office occupation farther down the street if you need one. They are getting increasingly more prevalent, but many companies are cautious about taking a risk on giving the option to a first-timer. This way you will be a veteran in a digital office and favoured towards the option.

  1. No regular burnout for you

Simultaneously, people are animals of habit but also vulnerable to boredom. If you get fidgety doing the exact same old thing every single day, business travel will keep things interesting even for extension builders travelling state to state for a new job. It is one way to be certain that the daily grind is not so “every day” after all.

  1. Hone your adaptation abilities

Having the ability to adapt and roll with the punches is something to anticipate, it is revered by companies, family and friends alike. You could have a trip cancelled, fight to find your hotel in a foreign town or have your bag stolen. These result in lessons that make you a much better, more adaptable individual to unforeseen events that may occur within a business or on a jobsite when undergoing home extensions, for example.

  1. Meet new people

This one sounds obvious, right? Relationships are absolutely vital to your experience. It may be quite hard to nurture new ones once you are near the same people daily, maybe not all of whom you may take pleasure in being near entirely. While traveling, you could meet a love interest, new friend or prospective employer.

  1. New opportunities for recreation

Perhaps you have wanted to try stand up paddle boarding however do not reside in a region that is great for this? A business trip to San Diego can alter everything. Consider exactly what your new temporary home away from home has to offer concerning recreation and take advantage of it. Even if it is simply seeing the world’s largest cranes, drake low loaders or frannas which may be of interest to you. If it is something you don’t see in your own town consider looking into it when you are on a trip. The worst that can happen is you do not enjoy it, but at least you would have given it a go.

  1. A lesson in making health our priority

It is not likely to be simple to incorporate workouts in the way you live. If that is your target, just stay at hotels with a gym, constantly pack any equipment you require, and challenge yourself to regular workouts on the move. Building up this fantastic habit will serve you well down the road in case you end up juggling commitments and fighting to locate gym time.

  1. Packing dominance

Who is able to pack for a week in Hawaii with a stopover in Alaska with only 30 minutes notice? You, once you’re a business traveller who has got packing down pat. You’re likely going to naturally collect the very best, most lightweight and airline-approved bag, understand that rolling garments trumps folding them, and also have your travel crucial bag all set and ready to go.

  1. Tax write-offs galore

A fantastic CPA can lawfully assert for a tax-write away even for business class, 50 percent of meals and entertainment when you are traveling for work, such as for it consulting in Melbourne business, and a multitude of other goodies. You are going to be in better shape financially, but only in the event that you’ve got an accountant on your corner (or are one yourself).

  1. More passport stamps

Assuming your journey takes you internationally, you should begin racking up passport entrance and exit stamps galore. Obviously, this is simply a talisman: The actual advantage is that you are not only seeing the globe, but getting paid to do so.

  1. Stories to tell

Soak up those adventures, they are memories in the making. And that is what life’s about.

On the fence about choosing a company travel-heavy job? Even though it can be tiresome in case you do not get enough rest between excursions, consider the big picture and everything you could gain from it if you do it correctly. You could realize that spending a great deal of time working and exploring far away from your house base is exactly what you needed for this particular period in your lifetime.

Whatever the reason you may need to travel for work, it will always provide you with a wealth of new experiences and skills you will harness at some point in your life. You will learn a great deal about yourself and others which are important to have, no matter what industry you work for.