Digital Marketing For Hotel and Accommodation Businesses

Getting Started…

What we commonly notice is tourism companies come to us looking for digital marketing strategies and solutions to secure more site traffic. The reality is that more frequently than not the site already has sufficient visitors they are simply not making a booking or enquiry.

If you are reading this and wondering where to begin we recommend first taking a look at the photography and vision you’ve got on your website. Professional grade photography may create a major difference since the industry heavily relies on visuals.

Second, you must be able to accept bookings on your own site – in today’s smartphone net enabled world people hope to be able to reserve online swiftly and easily. If a guest is looking at your site and a few of the competition, all things being equal, they are more likely planning to reserve with the company which enables them to reserve online at 11pm on a Thursday night compared to company they must call the following day and reserve over the telephone.

Feel free to use this as a generic checklist on your travel industry company and drop us a line in the comments section if you want more detail about some of those points.

A Modern Appearing Site with Online Booking Capacity and also an effective CMS

Primarily, your site needs to feel contemporary and clean and it ought to be simple to navigate for people. Your site is efficiently the surface of your company so its important that individuals feel great about it whenever they see you online.

Fresh and contemporary effective website design does not necessarily mean complex layout, a clean design with loads of white space will typically be a better experience for the customers AND it ought to be smartphone harmonious.

In addition, you Need to make certain You keep your site up to date that means you will need the ability to edit the site yourself. WordPress is our favourite CMS (content management system) platform — its the hottest CMS platform on the planet and out of our experience, the most search engine friendly. You can maintain the site yourself or hire cms development services to keep on top of it.

Frequently Online Booking Capacity is Overlooked or Undervalued

Today’s modern consumer does all their research on flights and accommodation on the internet and also anticipates the capacity to reserve directly on your site. Quite simply, if you do not have online booking capacity you are losing clients. If you choose two lodging providers and all things are equal between the both of these, the website that accepts online bookings is most likely going to acquire the booking.

Accepting Credit Cards Online is No Longer a Huge Hassle

Accepting credit cards Online is simple also. Most business owners are not aware that PayPal also permits you to accept credit cards in addition to PayPal payments and does not demand a large upfront investment to set up. Providing customers with secure payment options is a must and PayPal ticks all the boxes for us.

High Excellent Commercial Photography

DIY photography is really a poor idea. Taking a fantastic excellent photograph is a good deal harder than you might imagine. Elements like light, composition and article production play a massive part in how great your photos appear. People are visual animals and especially with hotels and accommodation a massive portion of the choice is going to probably be swayed by the standard of your site photography. Again, higher quality photographs are a simple way to boost your reservations and web design without necessarily increasing your site traffic, with a small investment, your site can be elevated.

Google Streetview Photography

You Might Have seen this online someplace else — Google Streetview Photography can be a remarkably strong kind of photography allowing website visitors see how your property exists in real life and explore. You can also incorporate Adwords if you want to boost visibility on Google in conjunction with streetview.

 A TripAdvisor Listing is Among the top travel websites online and a listing can mean a lot. We recommend each company operating in the leisure and travel sector have a presence on TripAdvisor, the basic list is completely free and you can also upgrade to more comprehensive listings. Customers can leave reviews and you can interact with them, creating traffic and awareness.

Email Marketing and Social Media Strategy

Especially in the tourism area, Facebook is an excellent way to stay in contact with previous clients. We advocate our tourism customers at least have a Facebook webpage and article to it a couple of times per month with updates on local events and information; photographs specifically also receive a whole lot of grip on Facebook.

Notice that you ought to have a news or site part of your site and be submitting information there and then connecting across to it on Facebook. Do not rely on Facebook exclusively as the location to publish your information as they often change the principles and your focus should be on producing your own website the centre of your company on the internet, not Facebook.

Email advertising is a much more powerful tool in creating repeat reservations but can be quite poorly done and may have the reverse impact if a DIY approach is accepted. Keep away from big broadcast newsletter fashion mail outs with elaborate formatting, so your email advertising should feel as if it was composed one to one like you’re writing to that individual directly or composing to a buddy. Aim to use a dedicated email marketing tool such as rather than your mailbox.

A large point to notice before Looking at any social networking strategy is that it amplifies opinion about your company so if this opinion is ordinary or even slightly negative. 

Facebook Advertising

Facebook advertisements can be a Fantastic way to create business if your intended mark has a nicely defined demographic or has very special interests. By way of instance, I enjoy relaxing massages and retreats once in a while, therefore I receive advertisements on luxurious day spas and luxury accommodation in Tasmania pop up on my news feed page.


When done nicely video is a powerful tool in your advertising arsenal but when performed badly will absolutely hurt your company. Avoid making your movie look and feel like a TV advertisement as that won’t operate on the internet. Having a nice video tour of your hotel on your website can be a great tool.

Beauty of the Northern Territory

The Northern Territory (aka NT) is a Huge federal territory In Australia famous for its Outback desert landscapes.

  1. Fish to the famous silver barramundi

Beginners to experienced anglers could have one of the NT’s Best adventures: fishing for barramundi, a fish prized for its exciting fight and enormous leaps from the water. Join one of the numerous tours from Darwin that cater for all visitors, or move distant into Arnhem Land where the fishing is one of the world’s best. Try Heli fishing for the greatest NT barramundi adventure.

  1. Meet Aboriginal artists and see them work

The Northern Territory’s Aboriginal artwork is sold all over the World, and fulfilling the artists on their territory and seeing them work is a must-do NT experience. There are art centres spread throughout the NT. Go to the three world-renowned galleries around the Tiwi Islands or sit with the Maruku artists near Uluru. Or join in the numerous Aboriginal art festivals held all over the NT, such as the, Walking with Spirits at Beswick close to Katherine, Darwin Aboriginal Art Fair or Desert Mob at Alice Springs.

  1. Cruise Katherine gorge at dawn

Wake up early for one of the NT’s unique Adventures – cruising peacefully up Nitmiluk (Katherine) Gorge at Nitmiluk National Park as dawn breaks. Drift past Aboriginal rock art with the shifting colours of the sunrise light, mist rising from the wildlife and water stirring on the lender. Learn about the ancient Aztec civilisation of the area. Do not forget to take selfies!

  1. Kakadu National Park

One of the reasons for its dual World Heritage status. Go to Kakadu’s rock art galleries at Ubirr, Nourlangie and Nanguluwur and watch their intriguing record of Aboriginal life over centuries. You will see pictures of animals, Dreamtime figures, traditional x-ray artwork and paintings of ancient contact with European folks. Join the free guided walks which operate in the dry season.

  1. See the Sunset

Among the best times to see Uluru–Australia’s Most famous landmark–is at sunset as the sun hits it on its way down, changing the colour of the stone from a sizzling red to burnt orange to a deep purple as the light fades. This unbelievable scene attracts visitors from all around the world. Grab an Uluru sunset from one of the viewing areas or combine a gourmet dinner, watch it from atop camel or on the back of a Harley Davidson bike, or you may even do a sunset skydive.

  1. Domes of Kata Tjuta

Have a walk to experience Kata Tjuta (also called’the Olgas’), 36 steep domes just a 20-minute drive from Uluru. Choose from three established walking trails, including the renowned Valley of the Winds, walk, a four-hour circuit which takes in two spectacular lookouts and extends into the centre of Kata Tjuta.

  1. Swimming holes of West Macs

Join one of the many excursions or drive yourself to research Swim in the ranges’ fairly waterholes in  Ellery Creek Big Hole, Glen Helen Gorge, Ormiston Gorge or Redbank Gorge.

  1. Enjoy the Mindil Beach Sunset Markets.

Open every Thursdays and Sundays during the months of May-October, herald among Darwin’s biggest drawcards: the Mindil From every corner of the earth–Thai and Brazilian to Portuguese and Indian. Try fragrant paella bejewelled with mussels, Authentic laksa, a Japanese omelette with sticky sauce or a new mango smoothie. Eat on the shore as the sun sinks to the sea right in front of your eyes.