Top 7 things to do in Daylesford and Hepburn Springs

The Daylesford and Hepburn Springs region is abundant with activities to keep you busy, relaxed, and fulfilled. Here are 7 activities you absolutely must try!

  1. Appreciate the Mineral Springs

Of all of the things to do in Daylesford and Hepburn Springs, a visit to the area would not be the same without indulging in the area’s mineral-rich waters. In 1865, the 30-hectare Mineral Springs Reserve was created to protect the water in the region. You will find more than 80 natural springs high in protein, calcium, magnesium and a wealth of different minerals.

At vitamin spas and bathhouses throughout the area, you can experience conventional communal bathing in hot mineral water, comfort pools, spas, salt treatment pools and steam rooms. This is a special Daylesford encounter, and one not to be overlooked for anybody traveling to the gorgeous area. We highly recommend checking out The Mineral Spa’s at The Argus – an absolute luxury. Owning a property near spa facilities is an absolute dream, so speak with an investment property advisor today to develop a plan. It helps to do regularly check available property sales online, as well as real estate trends in the area.

  1. Enjoy the Great Outdoors

Daylesford and Hepburn Springs have a wealth of walking trails catering to all ages and skills. There is an assortment of beautiful walking choices for nature lovers to research in the area of Hepburn Regional Park, such as Sailors Falls, Mount Franklin Reserve, and the Hepburn Mineral Springs Reserve.

The Gold Fields Track runs directly through Daylesford and Hepburn Springs. The Daylesford Visitor Information Centre can supply you with a printed map of this region, showing the location of their walking paths, mineral springs along with other popular tourist sites too.

Daylesford is also a popular location to go fishing. You can catch a variety of species such as rainbow trout, brown trout, golden perch, and redfin. Jubilee Lake is a superb spot to fish, as is St Georges Lake. Make sure you get a legitimate Victorian fishing permit before your trip.

  1. Discover the History

Gold has been found in the region in the 1850’s with settlements springing up in Wombat Flat and Spring Creek which afterwards became Daylesford and Hepburn Springs. Many beautiful historical buildings in the 1800s are still standing. When walking through the roads, it is possible to admire the well-preserved designs, influenced by Swiss-Italian infrastructure, as lots of the early gold miners were of Swiss-Italian descent. The town hall and the local post office are excellent examples of the preserved architecture here. If you’re interested in finding more about the background of this town, you may even stop by the Daylesford Historical Society Museum.

  1. Indulge in the Wineries

You can’t visit Daylesford and not go to a winery. The Macedon ranges are home to some of the finest boutique wines in Australia. The elevation and climate provide ideal conditions for exceptional sparkling wine, chardonnay, pinot noir and cabernet sauvignon.

A variety of wineries provide intimate basement door tastings and wines are usually on a tiny scale. Passing Clouds and Hanging Rock Winery, are not to be overlooked, whilst Kyneton Ridge Estate, and Captain’s Creek Organic Wines specialise in unique cool climate wines.

If you’re looking at arranging a winery tour, and don’t want to designate a driver as you want everyone to have their freedom, we highly recommend Daylesford Wine Tours. They offer boutique excursions 7-days a week, and can be customised to your plans.

  1. Heal Yourself With Some Shopping

Should you feel like a day of Shopping, Daylesford won’t disappoint. Walk across Vincent Street or Howe Street and you’ll encounter an assortment of homeware shops, thrift shops, boutique fashion stores, bookshops, antique stores and more! The variety of stores is an excellent and enjoyable pass time, take some time to indulge in the culture of this historic town.

  1. Relax in a Day Spa or Wellness Centre

With so many choices to indulge and rejuvenate, Daylesford is your greatest place to pamper yourself. There are many all-natural treatment businesses in the region, offering an assortment of spa and massage therapies.

Daylesford is the ideal romantic getaway with your beloved, with apa treatments, aromatherapy, and homoeopathy as available services. You could even have a weekend bonding away with friends. Our favourites include the Daylesford Massage Healing Centre, and Eko Spa.

  1. Appreciate the Art

Head to the convent gallery for a day of history and art. The Convent Gallery comprises exhibition spaces, a museum, a chapel and beautiful garden with panoramic views over Daylesford and Hepburn Springs.

Where can I stay?
Daylesford and Hepburn Springs are home to a variety of different types of accommodations, from Airbnb’s, to niche luxury accommodations like the Kudos Villas. This is an excellent place to retire, or even purchase your own rental property. Houses in this region can be moderately priced, so be sure to look at online property sales regularly. You should consider seeking property investment advice today, so you can live this life every day.

Beauty of the Northern Territory

The Northern Territory (aka NT) is a Huge federal territory In Australia famous for its Outback desert landscapes.

  1. Fish to the famous silver barramundi

Beginners to experienced anglers could have one of the NT’s Best adventures: fishing for barramundi, a fish prized for its exciting fight and enormous leaps from the water. Join one of the numerous tours from Darwin that cater for all visitors, or move distant into Arnhem Land where the fishing is one of the world’s best. Try Heli fishing for the greatest NT barramundi adventure.

  1. Meet Aboriginal artists and see them work

The Northern Territory’s Aboriginal artwork is sold all over the World, and fulfilling the artists on their territory and seeing them work is a must-do NT experience. There are art centres spread throughout the NT. Go to the three world-renowned galleries around the Tiwi Islands or sit with the Maruku artists near Uluru. Or join in the numerous Aboriginal art festivals held all over the NT, such as the, Walking with Spirits at Beswick close to Katherine, Darwin Aboriginal Art Fair or Desert Mob at Alice Springs.

  1. Cruise Katherine gorge at dawn

Wake up early for one of the NT’s unique Adventures – cruising peacefully up Nitmiluk (Katherine) Gorge at Nitmiluk National Park as dawn breaks. Drift past Aboriginal rock art with the shifting colours of the sunrise light, mist rising from the wildlife and water stirring on the lender. Learn about the ancient Aztec civilisation of the area. Do not forget to take selfies!

  1. Kakadu National Park

One of the reasons for its dual World Heritage status. Go to Kakadu’s rock art galleries at Ubirr, Nourlangie and Nanguluwur and watch their intriguing record of Aboriginal life over centuries. You will see pictures of animals, Dreamtime figures, traditional x-ray artwork and paintings of ancient contact with European folks. Join the free guided walks which operate in the dry season.

  1. See the Sunset

Among the best times to see Uluru–Australia’s Most famous landmark–is at sunset as the sun hits it on its way down, changing the colour of the stone from a sizzling red to burnt orange to a deep purple as the light fades. This unbelievable scene attracts visitors from all around the world. Grab an Uluru sunset from one of the viewing areas or combine a gourmet dinner, watch it from atop camel or on the back of a Harley Davidson bike, or you may even do a sunset skydive.

  1. Domes of Kata Tjuta

Have a walk to experience Kata Tjuta (also called’the Olgas’), 36 steep domes just a 20-minute drive from Uluru. Choose from three established walking trails, including the renowned Valley of the Winds, walk, a four-hour circuit which takes in two spectacular lookouts and extends into the centre of Kata Tjuta.

  1. Swimming holes of West Macs

Join one of the many excursions or drive yourself to research Swim in the ranges’ fairly waterholes in  Ellery Creek Big Hole, Glen Helen Gorge, Ormiston Gorge or Redbank Gorge.

  1. Enjoy the Mindil Beach Sunset Markets.

Open every Thursdays and Sundays during the months of May-October, herald among Darwin’s biggest drawcards: the Mindil From every corner of the earth–Thai and Brazilian to Portuguese and Indian. Try fragrant paella bejewelled with mussels, Authentic laksa, a Japanese omelette with sticky sauce or a new mango smoothie. Eat on the shore as the sun sinks to the sea right in front of your eyes.

6 Essential Places to go Fishing in Tasmania

Tasmania is rich with natural perks, such as the abundant wildlife, magnificent outdoors and, and the magnificent regional produce. We count ourselves lucky to get some of the very best food and beverage readily available in Australia directly in our backyard, and also for people who love being outside, there surely is not a shortage of choices either.

  1. Eaglehawk Neck

There is a lot to do at Eaglehawk Neck, including sightseeing, surfing, and accessibility into the Port Arthur Historic Site, however as far as we are concerned, fishing is only scratching the surface.

Tasmania is known for big game fishing, with big Southern bluefin tuna, yellowfin tuna, mako sharks, albacore, swordfish as well as the occasional striped marlin roaming the waters. You will find fishing charters accessible, or if ships are not your thing, then visit the jetty at Pirates Bay, close to the Blowhole, in dusk and cast a line out for a few salmon or calamari.

As an alternative, You could also head outside to Eaglehawk Bay at which you may be fortunate enough to acquire some flathead on the coast. Whether you are a seasoned angler, someone who likes to throw a line once in a while or maybe a fishing newcomer, Eaglehawk Neck is a fantastic location to fish. In reality, the fishing is so good here that even the enthusiastic might wind up converting into a fishing fanatic.

  1. Arthurs Lake

Located approximately 95 kilometers from Launceston, Arthurs Lake boasts an estimated average capture rate of 2.5 trout per angler every day, averaged over 10,000 anglers, which makes it among the greatest opportunities an inexperienced angler has of landing trout. Unsurprisingly, it is touted as the finest wild brown trout lake in Australia as well as one of the finest on earth.

From weedy bays and sandy shores to the tree-lined beaches and rocky reefs, the ecological diversity and abundant fishing opportunities in Arthurs Lake are staggering. You’ll be in awe of all the choices you can fish!

Jonah Bay and Vacuum House Bay could be the most popular and known locations, but do not for a moment be duped into believing that is all there’s to Arthurs Lake fishing. With the support of a few of numerous guides which operate the region, you can (and should) see different components of Arthurs Lake that fish much better and often less crowded.

  1. West Coast

The west coast of Tasmania is ideal for fishing, potting and diving. There are loads of fishing spots accessible, from magnificent lakes and tranquil paths to mountain rivers and stunning beaches – and loads more fishing to be done! Cray fishing is particularly bountiful in those elements, and guides are available to serious fly fishermen who would love to stop by those secret areas that only the locals know about.

Surprisingly enough, surf fishing along the shore is not as popular as it ought to be, since there are some genuinely gorgeous surf beaches in the region. In the event you choose to take part in some surf fishing, then keep your eye (and line) outside for Australian salmon!

If you are in Tassie for under a week, then here is what a professional recommends:

  • Three days following bream
  • One day chasing large salmon,
  • One day on a boat chasing southern bluefin tuna and if you are lucky, possibly a mako shark or even striped marlin.
  1. Southern Islands

The fishing at the southern area of Tasmania is good, but Pedra Branca, Australia’s southernmost national park, takes it to a different level, particularly in regards to southern bluefin tuna. Just remember you’ll require a fairly decent sized boat to handle southern bluefin tuna, therefore professional charter ships are the safest option.

Here in the southern shore of Tasmania, an individual can anticipate short swells and at times very windy waters, so always check the forecasts expected for the ocean. Paradoxically, while the calm weather will usually result in a pleasant day outside, it’s when the seas are challenging that many anglers achieve the best results. And needless to say, Pedra Branca, that will be some 26 kilometres off the southeast tip of Tasmania, is one of the most productive regions of all.

Most excursions to Pedra Branca leave from Southport while some leave from Catamaran, as that’s the nearest launch ramp. It is well worth the tour, as you will witness marine life in its most prosperous glory – along with a massive haul, expect to be fishing alongside whales, seals and deep diving birds. Make certain to try bottom-line fishing on the lands for striped trumpeter, among the very best table fish in the sea, and while you are at the southern islands, definitely check out the Maatsuyker Group of Islands – another prime place you won’t want to overlook.

  1. East Coast

The east coast of Tasmania is paradise for anglers of all degrees, together with the region around Coles Bay and Swansea being particularly ideal for calamari, flathead and freshwater shark fishing. Knowledgeable anglers especially suggest the stretch from St. Helens Point all the way down to Bicheno.

Try your luck in a shore, jetty or lake, or even if you are really game, many coastal cities provide boat ramps and equipment hire also. There are loads of great fishing areas along the Great Eastern Drive, although the very adventurous may even need to test to find abalone or southern rock lobster (licenses are mandatory, penalties apply).

The Freycinet region is a great place to unwind, with a selection of luxury resorts to relax in. It is definitely worth checking into a day spa to soothe your muscles after a strenuous day of fishing.

  1. St. Helens

Situated on the east coast of Tasmania, nestled on Georges Bay, the township of St. Helens gets special mention for its excellent fishing throughout the year, with all the best sport fishing to be had in December throughout to June.

Equipped with the Perfect equipment and a little of chance, Australian salmon, flathead, garfish, albacore, yellowfin tuna, striped marlin, mako shark, blue eye trevalla, swordfish, bluefin tuna, and kingfish may be yours when you combine a deep sea fishing excursion or specialist game fishing charter. So long as you are up for this, this is among the best areas to offer overseas and big game fishing a go.

If you can imagine yourself living a life in Tasmania fishing on your holidays, perhaps you should invest in property and secure yourself a holiday retreat. Speak to a property agent today to develop a property investment strategies. Happy fishing!

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Top 5 Tasmanian Lodgings

Full of history, culture and art, Tasmania is a gorgeous destination for luxury escape. Surrounded by the stunning Tasmanian landscape, these resorts are located among pink granite mountain ranges, Situated in indigenous bushland, beside seas, as well as upon arctic lakes. They’re former mansions, prestigious estates, and World Heritage sites. However, with so many amazing alternatives, picking out the ideal place to stay may look to be a challenge. Happily, we are here to help. Here are the very best luxury hotels in Tasmania which you have to see today.  

  1. Picnic Island, Coles Bay

Whisk your loved one to a private island escape in the exclusive Picnic Island in Tasmania. Located in Freycinet National Park, this luxury lodging celebrates the nation’s natural beauty. With waves lapping at the boardwalk to your own room as well as the stunning pink granite Hazards mountain array in the background. Picnic Island will take your breath away. Watch for seals and dolphins and as the sun sets, watch the unbelievable sight of penguins flocking to the beaches. Throughout the entire year, there’s an assortment of unique activities on the island. If participating in a luxury holiday and a cooking or yoga escape is on your own bucket list, Picnic Island is awaiting.   

  1. The Islington, Hobart

If you like history, art, and luxurious, then you’ll love the Islington. Built in 1847, this stately house has become an eclectic, eleven room accommodation. As a consequence of its foundation, it is therefore called a charming “home away from home” The resort features both contemporary art and historical antiques for a beautiful mix. Through this blend of contemporary history and modern attributes, every area becomes a work of art. While there, investigate the sprawling gardens, which offer perspectives of Mt. Wellington. Or relax with a glass of wine in the resort’s extensive basement in one of the gorgeous common areas. Reserve this boutique resort with Mr & Mrs Smith to find the best available prices, cash back with each booking. 

  1. Saltwater Sunrise, Falmouth

Located amongst the beautiful Bay of Fires, Wineglass Bay and Freycinet National Park, Saltwater Sunrise is a must-see destination to experience Tasmania’s beauty. Enjoy a romantic getaway with your loved one or experience a relaxing escape with friends. Couples’ luxury villas deliver personal sanctuaries with magnificent views of the Pacific Ocean. If day spas would be the epitome of luxury, there are villas available with private spas and saunas. Last, the Super King Villa, that sits 100 metres over the Pacific Ocean, provides three bedrooms and 2 baths for teams looking for an ideal escape. While there, investigate the white shores and flaming orange granite hills of the Bay of Fires. After that, have a stroll through 5km of Tasmanian rainforest into the stunning St Columba waterfall. 

  1. Pumphouse Point, Lake St Clair

In Pumphouse Point, guests have an assortment of luxury room choices. The magnificent retreat contains three buildings which each provide a different, exceptional encounter. First, there’s the Shorehouse. Located by the lake, this traditional art-deco building includes rooms with pond or bushland views. Following that, there’s the Pumphouse, sitting on a stunning glacial lake. About 250m away from the coastline, there are numerous lounges, guest rooms, plus a help-yourself pub. Every one of those Pumphouse spaces includes views throughout the lake and out to the hills. In the end, there’s the Retreat. It includes locally crafted furniture and access to the common table Shorehouse dining area. Throughout your stay, adopt experience going for a row on the lake, bicycle through the hills or go for a hike through the bush.  

  1. MACq 01, Hobart

If a waterfront hotel is ideal, by occupying Hobart’s most historical wharf, MACq 01 can present its guests with one of the greatest viewpoints in Tasmania — a massive arc of the river and waterfront and mountain views that vary by the hour. Nearby Constitution Dock is busy with fishing boats, pleasure craft and vacationers. Walk a little further and you’ll discover Salamanca Place, Franklin Square, St David’s Park and Battery Point. 

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Best Resorts for the Travelling Business Coach

Are you a business coach taking off on a trip alone? Here are the top places to stay around the world, and the solo amenities are not to be overlooked.

If you are looking to explore the world with no fellow business coaches to act as a travel companion, you might see the surcharges, sympathetic looks, and stink-eyed waiters sneering, “Table for one?” which is an absolute inevitability. Luckily for you, that is not true. These celebrated hotels make solo travellers feel engaged, comfy, and catered to, as opposed to up-charged.

Anamaya in Costa Rica

The Resort: A beach resort on Costa Rica’s Montezuma shore famous for its active retreats, with lavish quarters in coastal interior design to break up after yoga-filled days–believe Cliffside bungalows, decked out with open-air bathrooms and rainforest-shrouded terraces.

The Solo Spin: Even though it’s not a conventional destination spa, the focus here is on well-being: you can book in for yoga retreats, surf camps, art workshops, and much more. Each retreat comes with a set group itinerary, even though there’s space for personalization–guests can opt to be as involved as they want, or break away into the pool, beach, or spa by themselves.

The Boatshed at Waiheke Island, New Zealand

The Resort: A relaxed, foodie-favourite hideaway with five white-on-white, ocean-facing suites and a team that is as chatty–or silent–as you need them to be.

The Solo Spin: A short ferry ride from bustling Auckland, Waiheke is a dreamy island dotted with sandy coves, noted vineyards, and romantic inns. The Boatshed has an especially communal vibe, with rooms which flank a book-lined living area and spacious kitchen, where guests gather for the legendary breakfasts and dinners made with produce from the on-site gardens. But when mealtime draws to a close, things quiet down considerably, which means that you can enjoy the ultimate “me time”: allowing you to go over your business coaching notes with glass of wine in tow. Should you decide to wander, the supervisor is always a telephone call away to get a ride back home.

Hotel Vermont at Burlington

The Resort: A rustic-chic hideaway with 125 flannel-filled chambers on the banks of Lake Champlain, it is an ideal launching pad for exploring both burgeoning Burlington–an up-and-coming food city–and the Green State’s many natural charms.

The Solo Spin: Solo guests may email the property’s Activities Coordinator–a local specialist who grew up on a nearby maple sugaring farm–to reserve one-on-one excursions, such as kayaking on the lake in the summertime, snowshoeing in the winter, as well as candle-making at the hotel lobby. Singles may also join other guests on a guided bike-and-brew tour arranged by the onsite Beer Concierge.

CasaSandra in Holbox, Mexico

The Resort: Created by painter, poet, and Latin Grammy Award-winner Sandra Perez, the dreamy CasaSandra is the epitome of barefoot luxury: all the 17 TV- and phone-free suites are individually decorated in a laid back costal style, with thatched days beds and white sand beach access.

The Solo Twist: It requires a two-hour driveway and short ferry ride from Cancun to reach Holbox, so it is no wonder you are often greeted with the identical term: “How do you know about Holbox?” But after a day or two, it is tough to tell the difference between local, expat, or tourist here–and actions like kite-surfing lessons, fisherman-led boating tours, and gallery-hopping guarantee you will soon know everybody in town. Every Saturday, the resort’s poolside “Noche Cubana” beverages and live music event draws both resort guests and locals–or “new friends,” as you’re going to be calling them by then.

L’Eremito in Umbria, Italy

The Resort: This Hotel’s solitary assumption–that includes meditation sessions and silent mealtimes–make it exactly the sort of place you would never visit unless you’re flying solo.

The Solo Spin: Italian for “hermit,” this Umbrian Resort lives up to its title with a set-up that is as monastic as money can purchase. Fourteen rooms once used by practicing monks are updated to include wrought-iron beds, baths, underfloor heating, and bedding hand-made from hemp yarn–but you still won’t find a TV, telephone, or Wi-Fi everywhere on assumption. Along with a digital detox, the resort offers yoga and meditation courses, horseback riding, painting and Gregorian chanting workshops, and a lot of opportunities to commune with nature, beginning with hands-on work in the gardens. Tasty vegetarian meals are taken together, but in silence, so there is no pressure to talk. You may also choose to quickly–however in Italy, that might be one penance too many.

Iron Horse Hotel in Milwaukee, Wisconsin

The Resort: Everybody is welcome–business travellers, Motorcycle fans, spa-goers, and even pets–in this 100-year-old converted warehouse just south of Milwaukee’s downtown district.

The Solo Spin: This is a town that is transforming by the Minute–and the Iron Horse has been fundamental to its renewal. Feel part of the Scene through a complete roster of onsite events, from the regional Motives Music Series, including Milwaukee craft brews and local groups, to Thursday Bike Nights, a weekly event of competitions, displays, and demos held in conjunction Together with the nearby Harley-Davidson Museum. (Arrive with four-legged business and You will also have custom walking channels linking dog parks and dog-friendly establishments nearby.)

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CUPs for Winery/Event Center

Dean and Lisa Erickson discussed their applications for 2 conditional usage licenses (CUP) at the December 15 conference of the Fillmore County planning commission. During the public hearings, their comprehensive growth and construction plans at the Windy Willow Vineyard situated in Section 9, Preston Town were explained.

Both CUPs, for a Farm Winery and for an Ag Tourist Service, were obtained all at once. The couple has a two-phase prepare for the expansion. Beginning in May of 2017, they prepare to begin hosting weddings and other occasions utilizing a leased tent and portable toilets. Parking will be in the lawn. There will be room for about 75 lorries and up to about 200 visitors. They anticipate hosting 10-15 weddings in a season. Erickson said there will be no cooking on the premises, as it will be catered in. Any hard liquors for an occasion will be generated by a certified vender.

Also, of 2017’s spring, the couple will begin construction of a 16 foot x 32 foot winery production structure with a 3,000 gallon production capability. In 2018, they will begin building on a permanent 6,500 square foot winery/tasting space and production space with a capacity for the production of 10,000 gallons of wine. Erickson stated the very first, smaller building will become utilized for storage. The larger building will have washrooms, tasting room, conference centers, and an entertainment location. There will be parking space for 150 vehicles.

Construction is anticipated to continue into 2019. A 3,000-square-foot place structure is also planned. It will have a toilet and bar location for beer and wine sales. This building is to be used for weddings, restaurant and winery and other events. Zoning administrator Cristal Adkins stated this is the first winery application of this kind to be considered by the preparation commission.

There was some conversation about the existing driveway off Ridge Road and whether it must be improved in some way. There was no comment from area authorities or the public on the application for Farm Winery. The application was approved and will be sent on to the county board for their consideration. One condition is attached; the county engineer will have to approve the driveway gain access to.

Throughout the public hearing for the Ag Tourist Business, the commission talked about conditions that were placed on previous CUPs that have been approved in this classification. Conditions have included band/entertainment to end by midnight and evidence of liability insurance coverage. Erickson had no problem with entertainment ending by midnight as there was still the classic yarra valley breakfast and expected to have liability insurance coverage.

There was no remark from township authorities. Next-door neighbor Mike Johnson spoke in support of Erickson’s service strategies. He said he was a feedlot owner. Johnson had questions about the time frame and if there will be a have to reapply for a CUP down the road. Adkins stated if they satisfy the policies laid out in the regulation, the CUP will be good forever. The CUPs will choose the home were it to be sold.

There was no remark versus the Ag Tourism Organisation CUP. The CUP was authorized with two conditions: band/entertainment to end by midnight and no on roadway parking. It will be sent on to the county board for their consideration.

Visit to read more.

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The Best Romantic Getaway Destinations In Victoria

At first glance, weekend trips to Lorne accommodation are mostly the province of the summer season. Sun, surf and sand draw crowds out to Victoria’s vacation centers and people are in relaxation mode.

But winter leisure activities needn’t be limited to shivering in front of the heating system while lamenting the loss of your thongs and singlets.

Victoria’s regional get aways are just as attractive in the chillier months, many hosting events that showcase the best things about the chill.

We searched the 3 corners of Victoria for the leading winter season weekend getaways.

lorne accommodation

  1. Yarra Valley

With terrific wine, food and views, the Yarra Valley never ever dissatisfies even on the coldest of days, and the many wineries in the Yarra Valley provide their best reds and winter-warmer meals.

To celebrate the winter solstice– the shortest day of the year, 15 of the region’s smaller sized wineries will be hosting The Shortest Lunch, where punters can take advantage of entree-sized meals and wonderful wines they might otherwise have actually avoided in favour of the larger wineries.

A few of the wineries getting involved consist of Billanook Estate, Paynes Rise, Steels Creek Estate and Yering Farm.

  1. Mt Buller

Get out those poles (or rent them from a number of ski stores) and pack your thermals– the ski season is about to hit.

Mt Buller is among Victoria’s most popular ski destinations, but if gliding (or, depending on your coordination, falling) down a mountain is not your concept of a great time, there’s still plenty to do.

Indulge yourself in at the bars, dining establishments, and day spas, and the movie theater– where you can catch the Banff Mountain Film Festival World Tour– showcasing adventure movies from around the world.

  1. The Great Ocean Road

A journey to the beach does not require warm weather. Rug up and watch the incredible coastline as it changes into a dark and stormy canvas, all from the convenience of the many beachside lodging options along The Great Ocean Road.

Rather than a hotel, why not find some Apollo bay accommodation with a few couples and cosy up by the fire with a good bottle of red and a parlor game or 2?

Ocean House Lorne is a high-end home that sleeps 10 individuals and boasts spectacular ocean views, high-end furniture and components and champagne on arrival– what could be much better?

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Top 10 Travel Destinations Of 2016

The world is getting smaller with the way transportation has evolved through the years. With jumbo jets, bullet trains and other means of ultra-fast transportation, you can visit two or more countries within just a day. If you are a traveling tourist, you can visit a lot more tourist destinations in much less time. If you are planning to hit the road this year, there are dozens of beautiful and interesting places that you can go to. If you are still undecided on your destinations, the following guide about the top 10 travel destinations of 2016 should be able to help you out.

1. Tokyo, Japan – This vibrant city should be in everyone’s travel list. There’s something very unique and inviting about this urban center. The first thing you will notice when you enter the city is the effortless coexistence between the ultramodern and the traditional. Japanese people are very proud of their culture and heritage. This is very evident in the way they live their lives. Whether you are in a bustling city like Tokyo or at a rural village, the Japanese culture still shines through.

2. Palawan, Philippines – This long strip of land hugging the West Philippine Sea is widely considered as one of the most beautiful islands in the planet. It has a warm climate all year round and its white beaches and blue lagoons are among the most pristine in the world. The island is just a few hours away from the capital city of Manila so it’s very accessible.

3. Reykjavik, Iceland – This beautiful city is often ignored by travelers because of the hassle of getting there. However, the long trip is worth it because Iceland has a lot to offer especially if you love the outdoors. Reykjavik is a bustling city with a lot of interesting establishments like art museums, galleries, and of course, their famous steaming hot swimming pools.

4. Galapagos Islands, Ecuador – You will be shocked by the diversity of wildlife that you can see in the Galapagos Islands. There’s a reason why the great Charles Darwin chose these islands to study and gather data for his theory of evolution.

5. Andaman Islands, India – This group of islands offers a ton of fun activities like swimming, snorkeling, water skiing, surfing, scuba diving, and backpacking.

6. Havana, Cuba – This country is starting to open itself up to the world after decades of trying to keep everyone out. Now is the time to visit Havana and the surrounding regions.

7. National Parks in Tanzania – Tanzania is home to some of the most diverse populations of wild animals. Majority of these animals are quarantined in protected national parks. You can tour through these parks by joining a safari.

8. Hawaii – This is the place you should go to if you prefer spending your days surfing blue waves and sunning yourself in a white-sand beach. Hawaii also has towering mountains and volcanoes that you can climb if you want a diversion.

9. Los Angeles, California – Los Angeles is the capital of the world’s entertainment industry. If you want to get up close and personal with Hollywood, this is the city that can quench your curiosity.

10. Paris, France – A tour of Europe will never be complete without a stop in Paris. There’s so many things that you can do in Paris. Visit world-famous museums, eat under the Eiffel Tower, drink exquisite wine at a refinery, you name it, there’s something for everyone.

If you’re planning to go on a vacation this year, you should seriously consider including some of the places discussed above in your itinerary.